There’s a new release of Calatrava available: v0.6.0. Update it the way you’d update any of your other gems.

What’s New

  • Only one major new feature: plugin support
  • Added an alert plugin implementation: web/app/source/alert.web.coffee, droid/test/src/com/calatrava/bridge/AlertPlugin.java and ios/Pods/calatrava/calatrava-ios/Bridge/AlertPlugin.m.
  • Substantial re-writing of the build tasks. This should largely not be externally visible, except there are a lot less tasks now. And future changes to Calatrava will be much easier and (hopefully) more frequent.

And many of the bugs reported on GitHub have been fixed:

  • Issue #5: Creates the droid build with default name of the project as ‘test’ instead of the project name
  • Issue #12: Failing AJAX - Typo in calatrava.inbound
  • Issue #13: Problem Building on Xcode (4.5.1) - Can’t Find Bundler
  • Issue #14: Cosmetic: ios/public misplaced during calatrava create
  • Issue #15: Uncaught TypeError: Object #<Object> has no method ‘success’

Thanks to all the people who reported these issues. Please, report anything else you find.


Calatrava doesn’t yet provide a simple way to upgrade a project from one version to the next. You can approximate an upgrade by re-running your original create command:

calatrava create <project-name>

However, this will overwrite every file from the template. So be careful. Generally, there are only a few files in that template that you’ve probably changed. The others are ones you’ve probably deleted, or you don’t care about changes.

The changes you care about for this release are in:

  • config/templates/httpd.conf.erb: changed the way Apache config variables are specified. The old file will no longer work.
  • web/app/views/index.haml: changed the way that scripts are referenced, and the way that logical page templates are included. The old file will no longer work.