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An engineering lead, architect, technical product owner and, importantly, software engineer. While I focus on whole system architecture and strategy, I remain a very hands-on team member — writing code. I have written code, designed architectures and led teams for large enterprises as a consultant for ThoughtWorks. And done the same for a number of cutting-edge R&D companies. Over the last few years, I have specialised in mobile: strategy, architecture and applications. As well as being the principal maintainer of the cross-platform mobile framework Calatrava, I have also helped shape mobile implementation strategy for one of the world's largest airlines; developed network drivers and services for a revolutionary iPhone accessory; and founded an early location-based mobile start-up. I firmly believe that well-applied technology can build exciting products and make the world a better place. I want to keep working with teams that share my belief and passion.

overwatering.org: rants, software and books. And elsewhere, some simple applications that needed a home and a place to hang out. This site is the work of Giles Alexander. Since 2000 I've been working in computing and IT in Australia, the US and India. This includes product work and project work, depending on where I feel I am likely to get satisfaction from. The products include high performance expert systems, computer vision and something tangentially related to printers involving massive-scale RESTful systems.

Currently, I am enjoying being a consultant, developer and juggler with ThoughtWorks, the global IT consultancy. You may know us for agile or Martin Fowler. But hopefully you know us for technical excellence.