In April of 2011 I moved from Sydney to Chicago — to be closer to my girlfriend of the time, Suzi Edwards. In the last 17 months I’ve lived in Chicago; traveled across the US: working in Dallas, San Francisco, Columbus, Raleigh, Atlanta and New York and visiting Seattle, Vancouver and Vancouver Island; and spent five months living in Pune, India — it’s just outside Mumbai.

Oh, and she is no longer my girlfriend: we got married a month ago.

Now we’re planning on moving to London by the end of October. And this is where you come in. Where should we live? I have been thinking about what I’m after.

  • I have family in Hampstead and around Brixton. Suzi has friends in the South. Somewhere where it is easy to get to one of those would be convenient.

  • Not Hampstead or the South, though. Come on. Somewhere interesting and close to the city. Not posh. My Dad keeps suggesting South Kensington. I think that says he’s been living out of London for a long time.

  • Interesting? When I lived in Sydney I lived in Surry Hills. I like the Mission in SF. In Chicago I live in Wicker Park.

  • Coffee is important. I’m Australian. Flat White in Soho makes good coffee. Monmouth doesn’t. Just setting standards.

  • Somewhere with a decent village-style strip within walking distance: bars, shops, restaurants, etc. Ideally I’d live somewhere where I could get by with only feet.

  • Somewhere with a bit of weekend daytime buzz.

  • A place where people live, work and hang out. All three together.

  • As I work for ThoughtWorks I’ll be expecting to travel around London a bit and I can’t really predict where my work will be. Convenient transport is pretty important.

  • And as a geek, I wouldn’t mind being in a start-up district. Though this isn’t critical.

A friend has already suggested the East: Shoreditch and the like. Crazy? Perfect? Where else? Sell your favourite part of London: what’s awesome about it, why are my criteria completely broken? Talk to me (@gga) on twitter#GilesAndSuziInLdn. Email me, comment on this page. Whatever works for you.

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