ThoughtWorks’ resident language inventor Ola Bini will be visiting Sydney in September. Ola is one of the four committers on the JRuby project (now the fastest Ruby runtime) and the inventor of the highly experimental prototype-based language Ioke. And we’ve convinced him to give a talk about his latest language project Seph:

So without further ado, the big announcement is that I'm working on a new language called Seph. … Why? I already have Ioke and JRuby to care for, so it's a very valid question to ask why I would want to take on another language project …. The answer is a bit complicated. I always knew … that Ioke was an experiment in all senses of the word. This means my hope was that some of the quirky features of Ioke would influence other languages. But the other side of it is that if Ioke seems good enough as an idea, there might be value in expanding and refining the concept to make something that can be used in the real world. And that is what Seph is really about.

Preannouncing Seph

This will be an informal, and highly technical, talk on a really interesting new language. Come along for a chance to ask your questions. Also, to enjoy some free beer and pizza. There’s a pretty good chance that Martin Fowler may be in the room, though I’m not promising anything…

ThoughtWorks Sydney Office, Level 8, 51 Pitt St, Sydney
Wednesday, 8th Sept; 6pm for a 6.30pm start
You! Assuming you're a developer interested in learning about languages.
RSVP to Giles Alexander as I need some idea of numbers.

And that’s all you need to know, see you on Wednesday.