The Sandman, Vol 2: The Doll’s House
Neil Gaiman

Second volume of trade paperback editions of the Sandman comic series from the 90’s. Clearly I liked the first one enough to keep going. And this one has kept me interested; I will be reading the third one. Unfortunately I still don’t know how to write about comics very well…

Anyway, after this one I’ll be reading V for Vendetta by Alan Moore and then probably onto The League of Extraordinary Gentleman, also by Alan Moore. We gave my younger brother Frank Miller’s Batman, The Dark Knight books. I’ll be hitting him up for some comments, and maybe reading those as well.

One thing I can say, comics take mere minutes to read. Grab a few and just churn through them, no long term commitment, no worry that you’ll spend hours, days, weeks reading a book. A good way to just fill in some time with some (very) light escapism.