The famous Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras was last weekend. And I mean famous in the real sense, not the St Kilda Rd sense. We live literally just down the road from the main parade route, so I wandered up there to have a look.

When we were telling friends from Canberra where our place was someone asked “Will you be going to see the Mardi Gras?”

“No need; it’s coming to us.” And I’m glad it did. Obligatory window shot - there’s a lot of this sort of thing living where we do.

Unfortunately, I was all on my own :-( but there was a fantastic party atmosphere. It’d be great to go with a group; and go early. You want to be able to get close to the barricades. Otherwise, you really won’t see much.

Some photos. And again, sorry about the quality. There wasn’t a lot of light, and I was holding the camera above my head and pointing it in vaguely the right direction. Oh well. Guess you’ll just have to come see for yourself.