This week I’ll be attending the Great Indian Developer Summit in Bangalore. It’s a three day, three stream conference on .NET, Java and Web. Attended by roughly 3,500 people. Everything’s bigger in India. Unlike previous conferences, at this one I’ll be presenting. The first time I ever have. Wish me luck.

Tech Radar

On Tuesday evening at 7pm, I’ll be on a panel with Avishek Sen Gupta and Srikanth Seshadri talking about the ThoughtWorks Tech Radar: our senior technologists’ opinions on what you should be thinking about in the current world of tech.

I’ll be focusing on JavaScript and mobile stuff, as I think those are both pretty hot areas right now.

Go sign-up if this sounds interesting to you, or if you just want to see me humiliate myself on stage.

Massively Scalable RESTful Architectures

Then, on Wednesday morning at 9.55am, Nikhil Mungel and I will be talking about designing and implementing RESTful web application architectures to scale to truely massive user and data loads. Hundreds of millions of users, petabytes of data. I’ll be doing some architecture hand-waving, and then Nikhil will back me up by showing how you can actually make this happen.

It’s all about engineering for serendipity.

Come along to which ever of these tickle your fancy, and if you see me looking extremely nervous, say hello. But, approach slowly.