As everyone knows by now, Steve Jobs died last Wednesday, 5th of October. I first found about it while browsing twitter, sitting in the departure lounge of San Francisco International airport. I think my tweets from then tell the story.

I started programming for the Apple //e back in 1986, when I was seven. And ever since then I’ve been programming. And while I have only recently been programming professionally on and for Apple devices, I never stopped using Apple computers. Yes, all through the dark years of the 1990s I used and programmed Macs.

If I had been born in an early time I imagine I would have been an engineer of some more mechanical kind. If I was born any later I would still have been a programmer.

But if I hadn’t been exposed to Apple and Macs I would have been a different kind of programmer. Not necessarily better or worse, but definitely different.

So as one person whose life was changed by the influence of someone I never met, thank you Steve. You will be missed.