Yes, this is one of those irritating posts. Where a blog that you thought had quietly retired suddenly reappears with a post. A post that says basically nothing. A very self-indulgent post just promising that there will actually be real work worth reading reappearing soon.

Why couldn’t the blogger just leave us all in peace? Why this attempt to appear that he hasn’t just gotten bored or too lazy to update? Why this empty post tantalising and teasing with a promise; only to disappoint with more deathly silence.

Yep, this is one of those posts.

But! I actually do promise to post something real soon. No! Really!

And, in a desperate attempt to appear trustworthy, here’s a short overview of what’s been going on.

  • Switched from the horror of FreeBSD I now have a brand new MacBook Pro as my primary computer. After nine years I’m finally being paid to use the platform I stayed loyal to throughout the dark years. Hopefully the new computer, well set up, will actually help me write more here. It got me writing this.
  • New project. Can’t talk about it. Cool though. Has inspired some general problem solving that I can talk about though. There will be some technical recipes on here for the first time.
  • Briefly had a fish tank on my desk at work. It was very nice. The tank did well, but then I had to move desks. Probably worth doing, but you’d want to be more sure of where you were sitting.
  • Joined a book club. Read quite a few books. And yep, that means reviews. There will be some of those coming soon.
  • Still annoyed at various parts of my industry, enough to rant.

Hopefully, all that and more to be posted.