I read a bit, nothing impressive, or unusual, but a few books. And I find it hard to keep track of which books I’ve read, when, and what I thought of them immediately after finishing them.

So, I’m going to start posting short reviews of books I read as I read them here, starting with the last two books I’ve read. With any review it can be hard to avoid giving away some crucial detail of the plot. And of course, everyone has a different view of what constitutes a crucial detail of the the plot. In my view, it shouldn’t be possible to spoil a good book. It’s not about what happens at the end, but what happens to the characters (and you) as you read…

Anyway, I will try to restrict what I reveal about the plot to only that which is revealed on the cover or in the first couple of pages. But if you’re really sensitive to ‘spoilers’ watch out.