The Queen Mary 2 and the Queen Elizabeth 2 liners both visited Sydney this week. The QM2 only stayed for 18 hours, and 200,000 people went down to Woolloomooloo Bay to have a look.

It’s a big boat. Impressive, just like the traffic.

We stayed down there for awhile, watching the people, the bats leaving the botanics and the ships as the light slowly faded. We didn’t stay to see the fireworks. Instead, we just walked home past the insane traffic snarled through Woolloomooloo. Better than living in the ‘burbs ;)

As we were coming up Bourke St, past all the stopped traffic, at the cross street for the Eastern Distributor on-ramp, there was a taxi; appparently parked sideways across the only lane of the road. “Well, that’s a little inconvenient.” And then we noticed the man in the old black BMW who was coming up the one way street the taxi was trying to go the wrong way down. The taxi was trying to reverse, everyone was laughing and the guy in the beamer was yelling “One way darling, you can’t come down here. Only whores and junkies down here, darling!”